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The English Department’s Literature and Culture of Information Specialization and Transcriptions Center present:


a talk by visiting artist

Michael Mastrototaro 


Friday, February 15th, 2008

South Hall 2509
1:00 – 2:30 pm


“How much feelings have an Avatar? Where is the intersection between Real- and Virtual-Life?  And is it possible to spread out a Virus who is reacting to the personal behaviours of Avatars in Second Life?

These questions are the starting point of the media art project by Michael Mastrototaro (aka MACHFELD)

 The bright light of the digital culture burns with a vision of being in communities…and the user is not alone any more in this virtual hyperspace.  All this very hype Online-Communities like Second Life, MySpace and so on gives us an overview that togetherness helps us to define our daily needs and to find out what we really want in both lives.

 But what’s happening if someone installs real life behaviours like illness in these very frequented online worlds?”

 This event is part of the UCSB English Department’s Second Life Project.


The Transcription Studio’s First Ever
Transcriptions Research Colloquium


This Thursday, February 15th, 2007
Transcriptions Studio (SH 2509)
3:00PM – 5:30PM


Please join us to listen and participate in three presentation/discussions:

“Looking Over One’ Shoulder:” 19th Century Specters in 20th Century Contexts
(Kim Knight, English)

“Capsules and Nodes & Crashes and Flows:” Circulating Subjectivity in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash
(Lisa Swanstrom, Comparative Literature)

The Automaton & the Scene of Fantasy”
(Mike Frangos, English)


“Forbidden Planet” (1956)
A Screening and Discussion
This WEDNESDAY JAN. 31ST, 2007
Transcriptions Center, SH 2509


Please join us for the Transcription Center’s first Winter 2007 FLS
Event: a screening and discussion of the 1956 science fiction film
classic FORBIDDEN PLANET. Some snacks will be provided, as will a few
handouts on the background of the film.


In the course of the next three weeks, the Transcriptions Studio will offer several workshops on (1) the basic use of Macromedia Dreamweaver and (2) the basic use of WordPress blogs. Please see the times/dates and descriptions below for more information.

“Introduction to Dreamweaver” Workshops

Dreamweaver Image

These workshops will cover the basics skills of Macromedia Dreamweaver – a popular web-authoring tool available for use around the university. No experience is assumed for these events, which will review the application’s general menus and layout; webpage properties and appearance; the practical manipulation of text and images; the creation of hyperlinks, hotspots, and tables; etc. Please note that some workshops are geared toward the needs of undergraduate LCI students. Approx. one hour of instruction, one hour of lab time.

Monday, November 13th (1:30-3:30PM): undergraduate emphasis
Tuesday, November 14th (4:00-6:00PM): no emphasis
Monday, November 20th (1:30-3:30PM): no emphasis
Tuesday, November 21th (4:00-6:00PM): undergraduate emphasis


“Introduction to WordPress” Workshops


WordPress is an open source content management system that has become very popular in the last few years with graduate students and faculty in the department, as well as on a larger social scale. These workshops will help participants create, in two hours or less, a (free) wordpress blog online. Skills to be covered include the set up of a wordpress account, the manipulation of blog appearance, the creation and editing of posts and pages, the insertion of images/documents/files, and much more. Please note that this workshop is geared towards the needs of graduate students. Approx. one hour of instruction, one hour of lab time.

Wednesday, November 15th (3:00-5:00PM): graduate emphasis
Monday, November 20th (4:00-5:30PM): graduate emphasis


“Patchwork Girl”
A Brief Overview of Hypertext Literature

Download the powerpoint


Created by Robin Chin
Presented for Maggie Sloan’s English 10LC Course
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Transcriptions Studio SH 2509


An Introduction to Digital Copyright Law

Download the Powerpoint

copyright image
Presented by Ryan Roemer
Monday, October 16th, 2006
4:15 – 6:15PM
South Hall 1415

This seminar will provide a brief overview of copyright law with an eye toward digital media and technologies. The “basics” of U.S. copyright law will be covered, as well as the recent Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We will examine the difficulties and controversy surrounding the evolution of “digital copyright” law. If time permits, additional interesting topics such as open source software licensing, digital piracy, and new media (e.g., wiki’s) will be explored.

Ryan Roemer is a graduate student in Computer Science at UCSD. He is also a patent attorney and registered to practice in California and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Ryan was previously associated with a large international law firm, where he practiced intellectual property litigation and patent counseling and prosecution, focusing on software and digital technologies. He also advises clients regarding open source software development and licensing, CAN-SPAM compliance, and digital music copyright issues. Ryan holds degrees from UCLA and Stanford University.




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